Yusri Cafe

Yusri Cafe, Traditional Dance Party In Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is the tourist area frequented by foreigns or local tourists. Which also has the appeal of nature, namely rivers, forests, flora and fauna. In bukit lawang there are many races living peaceful and livelihood such as farmers, small traders, and tourism businesses. There are also many kids living in the poverty and dropouts of school. but they have the potentials and desire to achieve a better life.
These are the main reasons, we hold the event : Preserving Indonesia cultural dances,
Promoting cultural dances to foreign tourist and To help children get school, Introducing Indonesian cuisine.
Yusri and me made the program to help those kids, we holds this traditional dances and expecting a very little donation from you. Your donations will be a very useful for them, and by supporting this program you will help those kids to get school, and contributing to support their ancient cultures that is almost forgotten. This all is based of one concept to maintain what is supposed able to survive on its own. You contribute it, we utilize it. You support it and we gonna make it. Your attention will be so important and valuable for us.

Kinds of dances:

Karo dance : ( Pisau Surit, terang Bulan, etc )
Melayu Dance : ( Candle Dance, Tepak Sirih, etc )
Bataknese Dance